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To Be With your Twin, Or, Not To Be With Your Twin, That is the Question.

Throughout our research we have found that very few Twin Flames are actually with their significant other. While most wish that they were together, many will never be in an actual relationship with their twin in this lifetime.

 To have an actual relationship with your twin, is a very hard journey. Much harder than just excepting the separation from your twin, and going on with your life. If you are meant to be with your twin in a relationship it will happen. BUT, there is a lot of work to do to keep it together. It takes both of you. This can not be a one sided relationship. Forgiveness and Love is key.

On the other hand, We do “NOT” have to be with our Twin in a physical relationship. There is an Ancient account of this type of Twin Flame relationship.

The Egyptian God Thoth had a feminine counterpart whose name was Seshat, and he also had a wife whose name was Ma'at. This is a Twin Flame that was “Not” in a physical relationship as a couple. Thoth chose to have a separate relationship with his Wife Ma’at. But his actual “Divine Feminine” was Seshat. The 2 are pictured together a lot in the ancient Hieroglyphs in Egypt.

Thoth and His Twin Seshat worked together on their Spiritual growth. While Thoth had a separate life and marriage with Ma’at.

Even though Thoth and Seshat were not together physically, They still had a spiritual relationship. This is what is important as far as the “Twin Flame” relationship, it’s all about the spiritual work. The purpose of the Twin Flame incarnation together, is for the Spiritual growth of the soul.

We are in the moments of our consciousness expansion, our evolution into the higher realms. This is why the twins have incarnated together, on the earth at this time. Most of our past lives have been alternating incarnations, helping each other from the other side. This Time it is up to us to do the work needed for our ascension. As we grow spiritually “individually”, we are helping our Twin grow as well. As we learn the lessons, so will our twin in their own ways. You must understand that there is really NO separation with your twin. You are half of the “Same” soul, Your energies are forever connected.

This Journey is eternal, there is no hurry, It all happens in Divine timing.

We all have the longing to be with our twin in this lifetime, But, it is not necessary. We are here incarnated together, so, as long as you are doing your own spiritual work, it benefits your Twin as well. If both you, and your twin, are doing the work needed, it is a much faster process.

We have seen many beautiful soul mate relationships brake up because of finding their Twin Flame. This is not what the Twin Flame is about. We Must learn unconditional Love, and sometimes this means staying with a soul mate, rather than being with our Twin. For Some that means you can not be with your twin at all in this life. We must learn to have total unconditional Love for your Twin Flame, especially when you are “NOT” together. We Must Learn to Love them no matter where they are in Life. This Journey is different for every set of Twins. But one thing is the same... It is an Eternal Journey, We can not hurry “Divine Will”.

If you are in a physical Relationship with your Twin at this time, then remember to Love each other. You “are” each other, so be gentle to one another. Your journey is about surrendering to Forgiveness and Love. We are becoming one again. See Yourselves as each other. Know Yourselves as One Another. No Separation.

We Love you all, and we are honored to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

David and Chellea

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